300-hr Advanced Teacher Training Leading to 500-hr Certification

Online/Virtual Training 

This training is presented in module format: pay-as-you-go with modules accumulating for a total of 300 hours of advanced training. Modules range from 5 hours - 25 hours and one-on-one mentoring with Diane is also available for program hours.. A homework assignment will be required for each module and will be turned in as one running document at the culmination of all necessary contact hours for certification requirements. There is no time limit for program completion - it is pay-as-you-go, at your pace.


Upon completion of the training, teachers will have the skills to teach group classes, privates, workshops, and trainings that are artfully sequenced, full of expertise on the body and healing, and that move people to find their optimal state of wellness in body, mind, and spirit.



  • Anatomical Connectionsin-depth anatomy content and its direct applicability to the yoga practice

  • Psychological Underpinnings: studies of psychology and mind-body connection as it relates to well-being 

  • Teacher as Leader: advanced teaching methods to extend the sphere of influence as community leaders

  • Philosophical Depth: an authentic understanding of yoga philosophy through in-depth study and practice of meditation, pranayama, and yoga texts



This training is for graduates of a 200-hr yoga teacher training program pursuing the 300-hr track of advanced training. It is also for 200-hr yoga teachers, specialists in their field, and serious students wanting to continue their education.


Modules are offered throughout the year and there is a library of pre-recorded content available for purchase (see below). Each year, new modules will be added to the curriculum so that participants can be up-to-date on the latest in the practice and service of teaching yoga. This format is intended for participants to create their own course of study on their own timeframe. To be eligible for certification, participants must successfully complete 300 hours of course offerings and associated homework (each module has a number of hours associated with it). For participants who would like to repeat a module, online modules can be purchased at a discounted price (an additional homework assignment on the topic will be due for certification credit). A module can be repeated once for certification hour eligibility. Up to 3 modules can be repeated toward certification.






Since modules range in number of hours offered, participants will be responsible for keeping track of module enrollment (Diane also keeps a spreadsheet). To be eligible for certification, participants must complete 300 hours of module content. See each module description for the number of hours associated with it. Each module also has a homework assignment that is worth a number of hours. The combination of contact hours and non-contact hours make up the total number of hours that particular module is worth. For example, the Yin Teacher Training module is 17 contact hours and 3 hours of homework adding up to a 20-hr module. All homework assignments are due once the participant has accumulated 300 hours (as one long running document). Upon receiving the certificate, participants will be eligible to register with Yoga Alliance as a 500-hr Registered Yoga Teacher,  Feel free to reach out to Diane if you have further questions.


Pre-Recorded Modules Available for Purchase: