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Mental Health Platform

Introducing the Mental Health Platform for Optimal Well-Being!


Diane has taken decades of training and coaching with one-on-one clients, corporate executives and teams, families, teachers, and schools, and has produced a digital content library that combines science-backed yoga and mindfulness practices, behavioral interventions, cognitive reframing techniques, and nervous system regulation as tools for wellbeing. The purpose is to teach others what the practices are and how they work, paired with guided instruction in movement, mindfulness, and psychological strategies that support realizing our human potential. These practices are designed to uplift when experiencing challenge,  up-level our baseline resiliency for coping with stress, and elevate our well-being.

Explore digital audio and video practices backed by psychological and neurobiological science where you will be coached and guided on holistic tools -  topics include: 

  • Neuroscience 101

  • Nervous System 101

  • Stress and Mental Health

  • Anxiety and Fear

  • Low Mood and Depression

  • Trauma

  • Burnout

  • Growth and Resilience

  • Sleep as a High Performance Habit

  • Motivation and Goals

  • High Performance Mindfulness

  • Focus, Attention, and Defeating Distraction

  • And more! 

A sample of the platform can be found below - for licensing inquiries contact:

Neuroscience 101

Mini lesson: Knowing about the details of how the brain/body works can uniquely empower people to improve their lives

Neuroscience 101
00:00 / 07:09
AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept. Deep learning. Mindfulness. Psychology..jpg

Sleep RX: Yoga Nidra
(Non-Sleep Deep Relaxation)

Guided Practice: Non-Sleep Deep Relaxation (or Yoga Nidra) is a state in which we remain fully conscious and learn to relax to the degree that the brain waves mimic deep non-REM sleep. 

Yoga Nidra for Sleep
00:00 / 12:08
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