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1:1 Coaching

Discover personalized guidance from a highly qualified coach to help you build a foundation of self-awareness, resilience and confidence that empowers you to achieve your goals.


Experience transformational personal growth with an evidence-based approach that combines neurobiology, psychological science, and mindfulness practices.

Following the avalanche of life-altering events over the past several years, so many of us have found ourselves experiencing one or several of the following:


  • Burn out

  • Overwhelm

  • Difficulty managing stress

  • Anxiety, depression and grief

  • Lack of motivation, attention and focus

  • Challenges to being able to relax or sleep 

  • Struggles communicating with colleagues, friends and family


When you’ve been dealing with real challenges and trying to tough it out on your own for a while, you may find yourself feeling stuck, repeating frustrating patterns of limiting behavior and emotions


But here are two pieces of good news:

  1. You don’t have to face these difficult times alone.

  2. You have the power to change your life for the better. 


And while those two statements may seem too good to be true, I’ve made it my life’s work over the past 20+ years to help my clients

  • Identify what’s holding them back

  • Recognize their own unique strengths

  • Build the fulfilling, joyful life they’ve always wanted


People from all walks of life have transformed their lives for the better because of the work we’ve done together, and so can you


There’s no need to wait and try to figure things out alone through these difficult times in your life. It’s your turn to start thriving. Why not dive in and get started today?

Here's what some of my recent clients have said about what they gained from their work with me:

(Note: Because client confidentiality is one of the most important tenets of my coaching practice, names have been withheld.)

There’s no time like the present to take a step toward healing, growing and thriving in all areas of your work, relationships and life.


To make it even easier to take that first step, I’m offering a completely free 15-minute Discovery Call to explore how you can benefit from our work together.


There’s no risk or obligation, so why wait any longer?

After your free discovery call, you get to decide how you want to move forward with our work together. 


Each 60-minute individual coaching session is customized specifically for you and held via Zoom, so you can join from anywhere, and you never have the stress of traffic or travel time.  


Here are the three cost-effective options for one-on-one coaching:

Green Wall


Pay Per Session: $250

We'll do a deep dive to understand your main challenge. You'll leave with a co-developed action plan to initiate change..


6-Session Package: $1350

($225 per session)

Prioritize your goals for your personal work. Each session builds upon the prior and includes 1 - 3 agreed upon growth actions to work on. These sessions can be booked weekly or every other week.


8-Session Package: $1600

($200 per session)

Bundle Rate! Prioritize you goals for your personal work. Each session builds upon the prior and includes 1 - 3 agreed-upon growth actions to work on. These sessions can be booked weekly or every other week. 

The description of each of these options is purposefully broad because it’s up to you to identify (with my help) which specific aspects of your personal growth we’ll be working on together. That’s why the first step for one-on-one coaching is your free 15-minute Discovery Call!

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