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The Mindset Makeover

Watch a FREE 30-minute on-demand seminar to re-train your brain to think like today's top performers and unlock your boundless potential with the psychology-backed 'Growth Mindset.'

Unlock My Growth Mindset!
"If you're stuck, stagnant, anxious, or paralyzed, watch this seminar, learn these skills, and grow!"

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Have you ever wondered how some thrive through life’s challenges and seem to always know how to pivot with ease?

View my FREE 30 minute seminar, backed by 20 years of applied psychology work, to help you:

  • Understand the power of your mindset, how it impacts your core beliefs, and what mindset does to influence your feelings, behaviors, and personal reality.

  • Discover an exercise you can use in a moment’s notice to detect a negative thought spiral, and tools to quickly re-orient yourself for positive change.

  • Develop a personalized ‘Growth Action Plan’ that is easy to commit to, that will reinforce your newly reframed mindset for perseverance and help you achieve your greatest personal goals!

Kate B.,  VA

“Diane provides many suggestions for improvement, paired with assessments and live discussion - I take so much away from it!"

Gail A., AK

"I feel empowered with a sense of agency and confidence!"

Shannon B., MI

“I got a lot out of this seminar - most importantly, I am now aware of how my beliefs shape my motivation!”


My name is Diane Malaspina, Ph.D.

I'm a psychologist and yoga teacher with over 20 years of experience in the health and wellness field. My passion is delivering cutting edge wisdom with user-friendly approaches honed in my rich hands on experiences as an applied psychologist, university educator and veteran yoga teacher. Through a blend of neurobiology and psychological science with yoga and mindfulness practices I empower individuals, families and organizations to heal, cope with stress, and transcend struggles to orient toward growth and possibility.


View the Seminar

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