by Diane Malaspina for Yoga Medicine


As yoga teachers, many of us intuitively step on our yoga mat in times of joy and sorrow, but how can we guide our students through life’s peaks and troughs? Working with Grief – Theory & Therapeutic Application of Yoga is an online training designed for experienced yoga teachers who work with clients in a private setting and would like to refine their approach to helping those experiencing grief. Your instructor — Diane Malaspina, an applied psychologist and yoga teacher — will lead you through a discussion on the nature of grief and outline carefully crafted approaches to help you, as the teacher, understand grief. Building on this groundwork, you will gain tools to frame a yoga practice and your presence as a therapeutic approach to work with your students.


by Diane Malaspina for Yoga Medicine


To many, yoga philosophy can feel out of reach, from the brief references we hear in our vinyasa classes to the foggy memory of the assigned readings in our first yoga teacher training. This online course will shift your perspective on yoga philosophy with approachable five-week practice and meditation program on each of the five yamas — the moral, ethical, and societal guidelines for the practicing yogi. Each week’s theme is presented in a brief lecture followed by a guided meditation and yoga practice so you can begin naturally integrating these principles conceptually and on the mat! Whether you are a curious yoga practitioner or you would like to teach yoga philosophy more effectively, this course will give you the tools to build a solid understanding of the Yoga Sutras yamas and how to incorporate these themes in a steady practice.

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