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This course was recorded from live Zoom sessions offered in June of 2020. In purchasing this course, you are viewing pre-recorded content.The course is divided into 4 four-hour videos uploaded to Vimeo. Shortly after course registration, you will receive and email with video links and supporting documents (including a digital manual). Assignment will be due to Diane Malaspina for course credit. Within 24 hours of registration, all course information will be provided via email.  


Course can be taken at own pace - no time limit for completion.



This training will offer an in-depth examination of the energetic body from the yogic perspective. Koshas, chakras, vayus, bandhas,and nadis will be examined in depth with their associated relationships to health and consciousness. This energetic map of the body can be influenced by practice to enhance ease and navigate away from dis-ease. Sequencing and class planning, as well as cultivating teaching skills in energetics will be highlighted.

Subtle Body Studies/Advanced Energetics

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