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no meeting November 22 in honor of Thanksgiving Holiday


Welcome! Consider this your invitation to master your ability to handle stress, cultivate consciousness, and strengthen the mind. This revolutionary 5-week program is a deep dive into science, insight, and practices that support well-being and build a healthy mind. You’ll weather life’s storms more easily through live group coaching and exercises that increase neural integration in the brain, improve stress resilience, and give you agency over negative thinking. You’ll see how conditioned patterns that have accumulated over your lifetime are present in your day-to-day life and learn how to heal the mind, ultimately changing your overall health and wellbeing. 


What You’ll Get:

  • 5 Group Coaching Sessions with Dr. Diane - live weekly 90 minute sessions will take place at 4PM EST on Wednesdays October 25 - November 29 (no class meeting Nov. 22)

  • Weekly Readings & Reflections that cue each week’s topic

  • Guided meditation audio recordings for each weekly topic

  • Access to an online community hosted by Dr. Diane 


Weekly Topics:

Week 1 (Oct. 25): Distress Tolerance and the Nervous System

Week 2 (Nov. 1): The Power of Relationships & Attachment

Week 3 (Nov. 8): Thinking Errors & Thought Agency

Week 4 (Nov. 15): Aligning the Ego: Overcoming Perfectionism & Imposter Syndrome

Week 5 (Nov. 29): Integration

* please note we will take a week off Nov. 22 for Thanksgiving Holiday


This course is for you if you:

- Are a high achiever and feel thwarted by not reaching your potential (in work, as a parent, or in reaching your goals).

- Feel overwhelmed by stress and need tools for handling life.

- See the same scenarios and relationships repeating over and over and you'd like to make a shift.

- Seek to understand habitual patterns of thinking and are ready to break free.

- Hunger for more success, better outcomes, and higher prestige, yet feel unsatisfied no matter how hard you work or how ambitious the goals you achieve.

- Assess your performance as failure if you don't get it right the first time or receive constructive feedback.

- Need to a sense of mastery and encounter a deep fear of inadequacy.

- Wish to better understand how you came to be and how you can leverage science and personal agency to access your true essence.

- Are ready to tap into the power of your mind to create an enhanced experience of wellbeing.


Within 24 hours of enrollment you will receive an email with information about how to access the live online group coaching portal.


  • No refunds on live online group coaching programs.

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