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Anxiety is a mental and physical experience common to all human beings that intitiates protective and defensive behavior. Contemporary life style and circumstances have lead to an increase in anxiety and associated symptoms. Given the nature of what anxiety is - a mind-body experience - yoga and mindfulness practices can be effective tools for managing anxiety symptoms and help to shift the baseline of autonomic processes to be more resilient to future experiences of fear and associated anxiety. This course is both educational on the mind/body science of anxiety and practical in incoporating the techniques that both balance and reset the internal system. The entire course will be filmed and added to the learning platform.


Pre-Recorded Online Course: This course was pre-recorded with live virtual session in October, 2021. Within 24-hours of registration, you will receive and email with a link and password to the online course platform. Course can be taken at own pace. All information including manual, notes, and homework assignment are included on the learning platform. No deadline for course completion.


Please have 2 blocks, a strap, at least one blanket, and a bolster for this training. You can also use pillows, blankets and cushions from home. 

Continuing Education or hours toward 500 hour YTT
Price: $250

Yoga + Mindfulness Practices for Anxiety

  • No refunds on workshops, trainings, immersions, or courses. 

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