Zoom Live + Recorded: Tuesdays, November 30 & December 7 4pm - 6:30pm EST

Yoga Source, Richmond, VA: Recorded + Live: Saturday, December 4 10am - 3pm EST

(please bring snacks as we will have short breaks on Saturday)

Teachers who wish to gain either continuing ed or training hours also must attend an additional Zoom call on December 14 at 4pm


The World Health Organization predicts that depression will be the leading cause of disease globally by 2030.  Contemporary life style and circumstances have lead to an increases in depression, loneliness, and isolation. Given that depression displays specific physiological effects, there are specific yoga and mindfulness practices that can be helpful tools for managing depression symptoms and allow for more adaptive responses to stress. This course is both educational on the mind/body science of depression and practical in incoporating the techniques that both balance and reset the internal system. The entire course will be filmed and added to the learning platform. November 30 & December 7 will be live Zoom sessions and December 4 will be a filmed live class at Yoga Source in Richmond, VA. Participants are invited to attend the Yoga Source event (which will otherwise be filmed and added to the platform). Continuing education and training hours (15 CEC) offered for yoga teachers and those in training. 

Yoga + Mindfulness Practices for Depression

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