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Private or small group instruction catered to personal needs. Therapeutics for injury or pain, enhanced mobility, and recovery. Programs for increasing strength and meeting wellness goals.

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With over 15 years of experience as a yoga teacher/entrepreneur, Diane has built a solid wellness career, successfully navigating the following milestones as a career yoga entrepreneur: yoga studio owner (creation - full concept), curriculum & content development for yoga teacher trainings, steady private client base, international teaching, retreats, wellness writing, business collaboration, brand development, and more. 


Goal refinement, techniques for attaining goals, personal development, and empowerment as a teacher are the tools you'll gain and practice through this program. Ready to take your teaching, practice, and passion to the next level?

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Work with Families:

Diane offers consultation services for families and schools helping children to transform undesirable behavior and reduce stress and improve interactions. Offering expertise managing behavior, healthy interaction strategies, and managing stress, interventions are evidence-based and specific to curbing misbehavior, talking back, listening to adults, sleep issues, challenges at school and other concerns to help the child become motivated toward behaving in socially and developmentally appropriate ways. Behavioral interventions are designed to empower the family and motivate the child. Sessions include prioritizing goals, nonverbal interaction patterns that may need attention, and aspects of child development that will help aid in understanding child behavior. Common challenges that Diane supports include: misbehavior, noncompliance at home/school, academic performance, anxiety, ADHD, sleep, and issues related to social media and devices. Diane works with children of all ages.


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Personal Development:

For adults looking for psychological and holistic tools for personal growth and development, Diane offers consultation services aimed at identifying personal blocks, using strengths and strategies for overcoming blocks, and creating goals and tools for self-care and designing the life you want to live. We'll examine limiting attitudes and behavior and tap into experiences of flow, leading to more fulfillment and wellbeing. 

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