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What is WellBeing?


Wellbeing is the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy and we consider it in three ways:  physically, mentally and socially.  


The universally shared experience and trauma of the past 18 months has opened up real conversation about wellbeing.  


We are finally talking about how we really feel physically, mentally and socially and no longer denying how important it is to actively work on this element of our existence.


Many of us find ourselves unwell, or settling for just getting by.


Many of us find our well being could be better, much better in fact.


We’re now asking ourselves, is getting by good enough?


There is an urgency in this moment to elevate our wellbeing and regain that which was lost because of the pandemic, and there is also an urgency to harness the potential that was always there, waiting to be cultivated - if we would dare strive for more.


More for ourselves

More for our families, relationships and communities

More for our employees, and teams


It is possible to feel great, physically, mentally and socially despite the circumstances. 


What is required is the desire for more, and to put in the effort to improve.


Join Diane Malaspina, PhD, as she delves into a series of science based approaches/conversations designed to ELEVATE YOUR WELLBEING. 


Diane is available for: 


Wellbeing GOAL & OUTCOME CALL: 10 minutes (quick intro & share your challenge/goal and desired outcome)






Wellbeing CONSULTATION - a new client consultation to assess your priority needs and create a customized Elevate Plan for individuals, families or organizations.



Wellbeing EXPERIENCES - physical, mental and social wellbeing programs facilitated in a group setting in person and online, join us!





Wellbeing INITIATIVES - Customized Elevate Programs facilitated by Diane in person or online on a quarterly or annual retainer for individuals, families or organizations.



Speaking and Writing

Physical Wellbeing

"I am in good enough physical health to perform the physical activities I want or need to do"

Mental Wellbeing

"I feel self-aware, emotionally balanced, and like I am moving in the right direction towards leading a fulfilling life."

Social Wellbeing

"I feel close to others, get along with family, and am part of a supportive community."

photo taken at Gud Yoga
photo taken at Gud Yoga