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Topics that Diane is regularly called upon to provide expertise:


    Taming Negative Thinking

    Self-Doubt & Self-Sabotage

    Resolving Anxiety with Mind-Body Approaches (Yoga and Meditation)





    Living on Autopilot



    Building Self-Confidence

    Connecting to Purpose

    Growth Mindset

    Post Traumatic Growth

    Goals & Values for Motivation

    Autonomy: The Power to Self-Regulate

    Social Connection



    Positive Psychology


    Common Reactions to Trauma

    How Trauma Impacts the Brain

    Embodiment & Interoception




    Balancing the Nervous System

    Avoidance & Escape Behaviors


listen (podcasts):

Interpersonal Neurobiology and Coping Mechanisms - Essential Self Care with Sheetal Ajmani, MD

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Drishti, The Potency of Our Focus: Research Roundup - Yoga Medicine Podcast with Katja Bartsch

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Find Ease in Uncertainty - Yoga Medicine Podcast with Rachel Land

Exploring Growth in the Aftermath of Grief - With Heart and Wonder Podcast with Meghan Johnston

Schemas & Cognitive Distortions with Diane Malaspina - Episode 68 Dhaani Podcast

Working Through the Grief and Guilt of COVID - Bottom Line Advocator Podcast with Sarah Hiner

Grief and Yoga - Beyond Yoga Teacher Training Podcast with Sandy Raper

Yoga as Therapy - Sundays with Wendy Podcast

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