An in-depth examination of the anatomy and biomechanics of the spine joints will serve as a foundation for understanding healthy movement and patterns of dysfunction. Participants will learn how to assess for spine dysfunction, common injuries, and yoga as a curative intervention. Techniques learned can apply to group classes and one-on-one instruction. 



Cost: $275 


Schedule: Course content will be broken into parts and released in sections. Content launch begins on November 23rd and will be distributed roughly each week over the course. This is a suggested pace for three week completion - you can also learn at your pace. All content (including checkins) will be recorded and available on the web-based learning platform where your course will live. 


Zoom Live Group Checkins: Dec 2, 9, 16 (5pm EST)

Mobility & Stability of the Spine STARTS NOV 23

  • No refunds on workshops and trainings

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